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Why Puja

Pooja is a chemical verb; it reduces the unit of measurement of PH value of liquidation of the nature inside the temple! It affects the PH value of the person!  This is an ionic process, which changes physiological chemistry; this action has the effect to cure diseases! This is done by medicines too,  This is the same in the temples, the summit in the temple, by colliding on the surface within the summit, the energy, the sound waves fall on the person, The propagated waves are also brilliant for the human being to maintain the frequency of the body.

The body gradually adjusts to the inner atmosphere of the temple, and in this way, infinite happiness is experienced!

Puja also important for remedy of your all personal, professional and other problems. In Sanatan Dharam, puja is the way to treat your soul by holy mantra and other processes.

Why Panditji Booking

The Panditji Booking provides all type of puja at your home, office, temple or all type of holy places. We provide the best Panditji for Ganesh Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Satyanarayan Katha with Havan, Mahamrityunjay Anusthan and Jaap, Durga Puja, Bhagwat Katha, Griha Pravesh Puja, Bhumi Pujan, Vastu Shanti Puja, Shrawan Shivratri Pujan,Griha Shanti Puja, Rudra Abhishek with Namak Chamak, Maha Shivratri Puja, Laghu Rudra Puja, Shiv Puja, Ram Navmi Puja Havan, Navchandi  Yagg, Kaali Puja, Saraswati Puja Havan, Maata ki Chauwki and Jagran, Ram Katha, Hanuman Chalisha Paath, Shiv Mahapuran Katha, Sundar Kand Path, Shatchandi Maha Yagg, Baglamukhi Jaap, Dhanteras Puja, Puja for Diwali, Ganesh Pujan, Puja for Janmasthmi, Kuber Pujan, Tulsi vivah, Puja for Basant Panchmi, BHajan Shandhya, Vishnu Shastra Naam Path, Goverdhan Puja, Shani jaap, Engagement Puja , Mul Shanti Paath, Marriage Puja, Mangal dosh nivaran puja, Rahu ketu jaap, Ganpati home, Mangal ka jaap, Prit dosh nivaran, Shani dosh nivaran, Bhajan Sandhya, all other types puja or havans. We also provide astrology remedy services to solve your all personal, professional, family, love, business and other problems.

Our Panditji Shri Deepak Sharma and Shri  Sandeep Sharma who has Passed out from Samahidham Gurukul, Ujjain and Vrindavan in Yajurved Sahitya.  working in this organization from last 20 years. They have done more than 5000 pujas and havan successfully. Our Astrology guru Acharya Parmanand is PHD from Nalanda university from 1986. He have awarded so many times for best astrologer in Delhi/NCR.

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We provide the best Panditji for

Panditji Booking

Ganesh Puja @2100/-

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Panditji booking

Lakshmi Puja @2100/-

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Panditji Booking

Satyanarayan Katha with Havan @3100/-

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Griha Pravesh

Griha Pravesh Puja @2100/-

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Panditji Booking

Maha Shivratri Puja @2100/-

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Vivah Puja

Vivah Puja @5100/-

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Panditji Booking

Havan @2100/-

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Navgrah Puja

Griha Shanti Puja @3100/-

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Other Puja

Mahamrityunjay Anusthan and Jaap

Durga Puja

Bhagwat Katha

Bhumi Pujan

Vastu Shanti Puja

Shrawan Shivratri Pujan

Rudra Abhishek with Namak Chamak

Laghu Rudra Puja

Shiv Puja

Ram Navmi Puja Havan

Navchandi  Yagg

Kaali Puja

Saraswati Puja Havan

Maata ki Chauwki and Jagran

Ram Katha

Hanuman Chalisha Paath

Shiv Mahapuran Katha

Sundar Kand Path

Shatchandi Maha Yagg

Baglamukhi Jaap

Dhanteras Puja

Puja for Diwali

Ganesh Pujan

Puja for Janmasthmi

Kuber Pujan

Tulsi vivah

Puja for Basant Panchmi

BHajan Shandhya

Vishnu Shastra Naam Path

Goverdhan Puja

Shani jaap

Engagement Puja

Mul Shanti Paath

Marriage Puja

Mangal dosh nivaran puja

Rahu ketu jaap

Ganpati home

Mangal ka jaap

Prit dosh nivaran

Shani dosh nivaran

Bhajan Sandhya